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Motown Blood

15 August
Michigan, United States
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Bloomfield Hills Andover High School - Bloomfield Hills MI (1997 - 2001)
Indiana University - Bloomington - Bloomington IN (2001)
Oakland University - Rochester Hills MI (2002)
Oakland Community College - Orchard Ridge Campus - Farmington Hills MI (2004 - 2006)
University of Michigan - Ann Arbor - Ann Arbor MI (2006 present)
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abstract art, abstract expressionism, action painting, adam green, alan sherman, amy sedaris, apollo 13, art, ash, astrud gilberto, barack obama, ben kweller, ben lee, ben wallace, benny goodman, billy idol, black and white photography, bleached blonde spikey hair, blur, boredom, brendan benson, britpop, broadway, brody dalle, btvs, buffy the vampire slayer, caribou coffee, cartoons, college football, comedy, common rotation, computers, conan o'brien, david bowie, david sedaris, democrat, democrats, detroit, detroit pistons, eddie izzard, flashing lights, fraggle rock, frank sinatra, geeks, glenn miller, green day, h2$, indie, indie pop, intelligence, iron and wine, jackson pollock, joao gilberto, jon stewart, joss whedon, judaism, kids, kids in the hall, kula shaker, latin jazz, learning, little britain, love, m*a*s*h, manray, meade "lux" lewis, miami ink, michael jackson, mike dirnt, mommy and daddy, monty python, motown, music, musicals, nasa, nerds, new york city, noises off, ocean colour scene, photo, photography, photoshop, pillows, pistons, playing, politics, popcorn, power pop, powerpop, procrastination, producing, puffy, pulp, punk, punk boys, radish, rasheed wallace, ryan adams, sarcasm, scott thompson, sillypants, sleep, sleeping, sloan, snl, sonia, stan getz, stephen lynch, stereolab, stir-fry, suzanne vega, tattooed arms, tea, the apollo program, the beatles, the bens, the dirtbombs, the distillers, the flashing lights, the germs, the jeevas, the lizzie seagle experience, the monkees, the mooney suzuki, the producers, the right stuff, the riots, the white stripes, the who, theatre, thrupti, travis, university of michigan, uofm football, ישראל, עברית, שלום

22 years old. Music, art, and pop culture obsessed. Reasonably friendly, semi-intelligent, and occasionally funny, but usually boring.

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